Bose QuietComfort 35 – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


An Introduction

After having wire-headphones for two decades, the marketplace for headphones has already moved to its wireless form. Bose headphones had always a minimum success rate. Now, it had gone bang when the model Bose QuietComfort 25 arrived in 2014. the later times for headphones had change and all brands moved to wireless form and Bose also had to follow the footprint of the near future.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 – a noise-canceling wireless headphone is the result of the rage. Iconic Bose brought the wireless operation to its noise-canceling headphones for the first time as the name QuietComfort 35.

Bose QuietComfort had always a good brand value and the surprise was how Bose qc35 had managed to cut the wire without compromising much. The famous audio brand Bose manages to keep up with other quality as well as present better battery life. You don’t need to worry about the charge at midnight or on a long journey or in an inconvenient situation. QuietComfort 35 is the best option in the market if you like your smart assistants confined to your phone. Also, QC35 has released its second model named as QuietComfort 35 II which contain some more feature.


The Bose QC35 Bluetooth wireless headphones are closed over-ear designed. It is a studio-style noise-canceling headphone. Qc35 can be used with a noise-canceling feature turned on or not. This wireless Bluetooth headphone is made to use with Bluetooth-enabled devices like cell phones as well as other standard audio devices. It has a wireless reception range of 33 feet which is good. QuietComfort 35 headphones are designed as a built-in microphone system and integrated sound system. Its music player function and Bluetooth control are integrated as well.

Bose QuietComfort 35 – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Design: Bose QuietComfort 35


QC35 is a simple design headphone but enough comfortable. Earcups connecting headband is very well padded. It would adjust with your head very comfortably. This is a lightweight headphone and also the quality of the earcups is too good. You can easily pass 3-4 hours with this headphone with comfort.

There is a single 2.5mm jack on the left earcup of qc35 for connecting with your device. On the right earcup, there is a power slider, micro USB charging port, and some pausing, skipping, sound controlling buttons. One can simply slide the power to the right to put it in pairing mode. Then simply select them from a smartphone or PC’s Bluetooth menu. Though, there are alternative apps are available to support the NFC system. Then you can simply put them in pairing mode by taping the rear of your phone against them. Bose QuietComfort 35 overall is very well designed for switching between multiple connections.

Main Focuses

The QuietComfort 35 has mainly given the focus on the sound canceling system. Its proprietary technology would clear away all the noisy disturbances of your world so you can enjoy the most what you want. You would be able to reach deeper into your music as well as your work. Though there is a function for controlling the noise-canceling level. So you can choose what important to you, the music, or outside things.

QC35 has made very easy using Google Assistant or Alexa. One just has to simply ask what s/he needs, that is as simple as this. You can ask Google Assistant about the daily weather, or do some address search. Just can ask Alexa to play the November Rain while driving your car on a rainy day. And all these things you can do without even looking at the phone.

The sound system of Bose qc35 is phenomenal. It has functions for balancing your music with sound. And you would enjoy its clarity level with any level of volume. It’s like you can reach all the instruments of a soundtrack whether the volume is low or high.

QC35 has an awesome battery life that lasts over 20 hours. So, whether you listen to music or not, you won’t need to charge all day long. It also take short time to be charged. With a 20-minute charge, you can enjoy music for over 3 hours. Though you will be able to enjoy music and video when the charger plugin.

Key Experiences

  • The best noise-canceling wireless headphones, so far.
  • Great sound quality, as you know Bose.
  • Noise-reduction dual-mic for free calls really works well.
  • Its lightness would surely make you love it.
  • The Voice command function for Google Assistant or Alexa is really improved and effective.
  • You can unlock more features by using the Bose app if you need it.
  • And finally, Bose QuietComfort 35 really has awesome battery life.
  • The Volume-Optimized EQ looks a little bit subtle but that’s okay for me as it has nothing with sound quality.


The Bose QuietComfort 35 undoubtedly one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones at present. Its noise-canceling quality is extremely top-notch. Qc35 is still the best at its sound quality as it was with wire. You guys (Bose fan) know about Bose from its beginning as a quality brand and QC35 would definitely boost your likeness for them even more. Just shop it up and enjoy the best noise-canceling wireless Bluetooth headphones, feel the vibe.



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